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Political Funding in Ireland: An Analysis

Political funding has been a controversial topic recently, and is one of the areas which I feel deserves immediate and thorough reform. It’s also quite clear that the regime surrounding political party/politician funding is virtually impenetrable to voters; there is no clear understanding of who gets what; what inequalities exist and what allowances ought to be reconsidered in the current climate of economic hardship. There are also many misconceptions.

My own view is that political funding must follow some core principles:

  • The regime must be clearly understood by voters,
  • Funding must be economical without overtly hindering the good work of public representatives,
  • Funding must respect the equal mandate of the individual TD or Senator.

In light of this, I prepared a clear and concise overview of political funding in Ireland which you can access below. Please feel free to contact me about the issue at any time.